Moving costs and final expenses
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Moving costs and final expenses

Every kroner goes towards helping Blank Space keep our promises to various vendors and companies who are assisting us in moving.

Blank Space needs help! 

We are closing our facilities at Storgata 32, and need your financial assistance in helping us close this final chapter with the grace, professionalism, and kindness that we are known for. There have been so many unexpected costs with closing our physical facility and we are unable to cover these expenses on our own after the COVID-19 period drained our savings and left us financially stunted. 

Our space has been the heart of everything we do and has been enjoyed by thousands of users across genres. If you've enjoyed any of the work we have done, then we would be so grateful for any amount you can contribute with. 


If you want to know more about us, what we have worked with, and how we have served the Norwegian design community - then keep reading!

My name is Liz, and for the past 10+ years I have had the honor of serving the art and design community in Norway. I have produced thousands of events, from workshops, exhibitions, panel debates, collaborations, lectures, and more. Anything that sounded cool, would support the amazing creatives in Norway, and could be put together with my own two hands got done! I am proud and humbled to have been awarded the Oslo by kunstnerpris in 2022 for my contributions.

Most of this work was through Blank Space, a physical community center that has been located at Storgata 32 the last years. Here in this 585kvm space we functioned as one of the premier centers for visual communication, including hosting Norway's largest coworking space specifically for designers. It was heaven! Included in this program was a comprehensive online workshop launched during the COVID-19 crisis which offered free, high quality, and easily accessible online solutions available across the nation to make sure everyone had access to the tools they needed to keep drawing. We connected thousands of amazing people in a safe and thriving community during an otherwise difficult time. To this day, you can join us for free and show off your work, get free feedback, share cat videos, and more....!

After the pandemic, we are forced to leave our home and seek other options. However, this global trauma has left our bank accounts empty, and we cannot afford any of the "Oh, shit" expenses that comes with ending contracts and additional expenses such as movers, garbage intake, fixing up the space (we had a LOT of paint on the floor, and a LOT of bathroom graffiti....!), and more. For the first time in our 10+ years, we have no other option but crowd funding to make sure we end things fairly for all parties.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the space as much as we have, and have a few kroner to send our way <3

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