BIRK husky - "corona help"
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BIRK husky - "corona help"

Food, veterinary and other expenses for our dogs in the coming months.

Updates in the bottom of the text.

The corona virus shut down Norway over night the 12th of March.

Now many other countries has closed as well. With the closedown no one are traveling, for how long nobody knows. For our little company, as for many others, it means that we do not have our normal income the next months - maybe all the way to next winter season. Hopefully we are up an running as normal by then.

Our beutiful dogs do however need food & care taking every day all year round regardless of guests or not. If you would like to support our dogs with an amount of your choice we would be extremly grateful.

In 2019 we used around 100.000 kr on food and veterinarians for our dogs, in addition we do have an agreement with a local fish farm and do get salmon for our dogs late fall and early winter from them. At this time of year and over the summer they do not have the fabric running.

Thank you to all our friends out there that has encouraged us to start up something like this so you can help out!

We are humble and grateful!

Lots of love from the 45 dogs and the humans in the BIRK team!

Saturday 28th of March


Thank you guys - this is absolutely hart warming. Under 6 hours and we reached our first goal of 20.000 kr. We do want to continue for some time.

This coming week we do get a food delivery with meat for the dogs. Around 4,5 ton of food - this will last until the fall in combination with the dryfood that we already have here at the kennel. A total of around 45.000 kr.

Right now our last two guides are using their day to pack down and getting ready to return to England tomorrow as they are called home due to the situation.

It will be strange to be alone here at BIRK again, with only our family left. Many years since last time that happend. 

Thank you again to everyone. We are grateful and do feel your love for what we do here at BIRK. Thank you! 

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